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An Introduction to Lead Nurturing

How to use lead nurturing for smarter marketing

This free ebook will help you discover

  • What types of effective email campaigns you can create
  • How lead nurturing can help with your sales efforts
  • 5 steps to set up an effective lead nurturing campaign
  • How to optimise your lead nurturing emails
  • How the right software can enhance your marketing automation

What is lead nurturing?

Approximately 50% of leads are qualified generally, but not necessarily ready to buy. So if you are not nurturing them, you are simply burning money. Understanding where your customer is on their buyers journey and your sales pipeline will ensure you can market to them in an appropriate way.

Learn how to leverage lead nurturing to increase high-quality conversions and reduce your cost of customer acquisition. Discover how timely, targeted email campaigns can make you more efficient and effective through the utilisation of the right software applications, ensuring that no potential clients are ever left behind.

Create a lead nurturing campaign with the 5 steps strategy, which will help you set your goals, employ marketing essentials such as buyer personas, offer your prospects value, work to realistic timelines and be able to evaluate your campaign success and return on investment.

Understand the different types of campaign styles you can employ, how to optimise their effectiveness with usable tips and gain further insight from examples of successful campaigns.

How the right software can bring improvement to you and your teams results through segmentation of your contacts, email design tools, personalisation tokens, automation of administrative tasks and sequencing of multi-email campaigns.

Download this free guide, which will walk you through the basics of lead nurturing techniques.

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