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Comprehensive Customer Support with the Service Hub

It can take a lot of effort to turn a prospect into a customer. Why would you then turn your back on them? Quality customer support post sales is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction, gain testimonials, referrals and further sales.

Here we look at some of the advantages that having a customer centric approach through the utilisation of the Service Hub can bring you and your company.

A dedicated inbox for customer queries

Having a dedicated central location for customer queries allows your support team to manage all incoming customer support messages. These messages can can come from all of your connected channels including email, live chat, Facebook Messenger and form submissions. From this central location your support team can respond to all messages and create support tickets to track customers’ issues.

As all Service Hub interaction is recorded on the customers central contact record, your Sales & Marketing teams are fully aligned and can act appropriately in dealings with the customer.

Live Chat or Bots to help your customers, instantly

Customers have grown accustomed to round the clock services online and both Live Chat & Bots can help your support team manage incoming messages at scale. 

Bots can be set up to provide the answers to many customer queries or connect them to a member of your team, if necessary. As all incoming messages are routed through your conversations inbox, a full record of your teams interaction is recorded.

Create and manage support tickets 

To track all customer support queries and interactions, tickets can be created within the Service Hub. Once created, any HubSpot activities related to the ticket will be logged on the ticket record. Tickets can be manually created from the Service Hub tickets home, a clients contact record or your conversations inbox.

Ticket status can be automated, so your team always understand the next required action and certain actions can also be automated, such as the sending of emails to customers advising that a ticket has been created or closed.

Create a customer knowledge base to help your customers self-serve

As previously mentioned, customers want instant answers and the creation of a knowledge base can be of great use to help your customers self-serve and deflect queries from your support team. 

A knowledge base is an online library of how-to-guides, reference documents, FAQs and trouble shooting steps for your customers to follow. You can customise your knowledge base’s appearance, select various languages, add a support form and allow visitors to submit article feedback.

Receive customer feedback

Generating direct feedback from your customers experiences can be easily managed by using HubSpot’s customer feedback tool. The ability to create and conduct surveys on your website, through email and when following up on support tickets will allow you to improve your products, services and customer experience.

HubSpot have a variety of free survey templates available which can be utilised for support, loyalty and customer satisfaction surveys.

Analyse your efforts

So you can ensure that your customer service efforts are always having the desired impact, Service Hub allows you to set up dashboards and reports. Example areas of focus are average ticket response time, how many each team member is dealing with and closing.

There are a range of pre-made dashboard templates available to you or you can fully customise them to suit your reporting needs.

+++ Stop Press+++ 

HubSpot has been recognised as a gold medallist and leader in the 2021 Customer Service Management Data Quadrant report from SoftwareReviews, a division of IT research and consulting firm Info-Tech Research Group.

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