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How to…turn off comments from all your YouTube videos at once

Voodoo Internet MarketingYouTube rocks. Search engines love videos, kids love videos, old ladies love videos. But despite best efforts by Google to make the channels easy to use, it can still be a nightmare figuring out how to do anything other than upload a video. And indeed half the time you accidentally end up changing your Google Profile and not your channel.

Turn off comments from all your YouTube videos at once

So you’ve uploaded 65 videos which highlight all the fantastic products or services offered by your company, but now you wished you had turned off the ability for people to be able to leave comments on the videos, as a savvy competitor keeps leaving abusive messages about your company under the cunning disguise of a ‘John Smith’ profile.

Is there a way of changing the settings of all the videos on your channel at once or are you doomed to spending the weekend on your laptop?

There sure is, and this is how it’s done:

Firstly on a separate tab to this page log into your YouTube Channel and lick on the ‘Video Manager’ button located on the top right of the frame as indicated below.

Voodoo Internet Marketing

A new window should have opened listing all your videos. To the immediate left (watch hand) of each thumbnail there is a little box.

At the top of the column of little boxes there is another little box as marked in the image below.

We’ll call this the ‘Mama Box’.

Voodoo Internet Marketing

When you click on the Mama Box this will tick all the boxes on the column.

To the immediate right of that (remote hand) click on the ‘Actions’ box and select on ‘Advanced’ at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

This will magically turn into a button called ‘Add actions’.

Click on that and select the ‘Comments’ option as shown below marked by the nifty red arrow.

Voodoo Internet Marketing

This then allows you to select ‘Don’t allow comments’ and click on the blue ‘Submit’ button on the right.

Voodoo Internet Marketing

This will do the 30 videos on that page but will now ask you if you wish to do this to all videos. Click yes and submit again.

A window will pop up to ask you if you’re sure, as below. Click “Yes, submit” and a after a few seconds it should confirm in an ugly orange bar.

Job done.

To change other settings such as license, tags, etc follow the same steps until you get to the’Advanced’ tab and the take it from there.

BTW: If you’ve done the above you probably will want to turn off video responses too. Just make sure you don’t press ‘delete’ or your weekend will not be a fun one.

Voodoo Internet Marketing

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Voodoo Internet Marketing

Hey, I had to get the all-important key-terms in at least once!



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