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How to… grant someone else admin access to your Facebook page

Vooodoo Internet Marketing A question we get asked regularly by clients whose facebook pages we manage at Voodoo Internet Marketing is: ‘what are the login details for my Facebook page?’

Seems like a perfectly reasonable question, but the answer is a little long-winded so I thought: ‘why not write this down for all and sundry to see and save me having to explain this each and every time’. Firstly: There are no login details for Facebook pages. They rely on a personal profile to ‘exist’.

To pass or share the control to/with someone else, the new person has to login to THEIR Facebook profile, find the page in question and ‘Like’ it.

They then inform the person who currently has control of the page to grant them admin access.

Step 1: Click on ‘Settings’ as shown below and choose ‘Page Roles’ option.

Step 2: Add the email address used on facebook by the new person you want to give access to and select their level of control fo the page (ie what they can and cannot do to the page).

The new administrator of the page will now be able access the page when they are logged into their profile by clicking on the little cog wheel on the top right of the screen next to the word ‘Home’.

And hey presto. You’re done!

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