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Business growth analysis

Our Client Drumelia wins Best Real Estate Agency in Spain

Congratulations to Drumelia who proudly announced they have won all four award categories for the Real Estate at the International Property Award 2022

Drumelia has been in this industry for over two decades and have been a leading player in the real estate sector. They are known for their innovative approach to marketing and their dedication to excellence. They have won awards for their marketing campaigns, their technical and strategic guidance, as well as growth in this field.

  • Nº1 in Best Real Estate Agency Single Office in Spain 2022-2023
    • Nº1 in Best Real Estate Agent in Spain 2022-2023 – for the 2nd consecutive year
    • Nº1 in Best Real Estate Agency Marketing in Spain 2022-2023
    • Nº1 in Best Real Estate Agency Website in Spain 2022-2023

    Having worked closely with Drumelia in helping with Technical & strategic guidance in using HubSpot Marketing Hub to grow traffic, convert more leads to sales and, help in achieve their marketing goals, which has certainly paid off.

    Voodoo has collaborated with Drumelia to leverage the HubSpot Sales Hub, aiding in closing more deals and enhancing their standard operating procedures for increased efficiency in daily tasks.

    In our role as consultants, Voodoo successfully implemented the HubSpot Sales Hub to support Drumelia in achieving better deal closures and streamlining their standard operating procedures for improved team efficiency.

    Furthermore, Voodoo developed a comprehensive reporting system that consolidates all marketing, sales, and service data into a single, reliable source of truth. This valuable insight into customer behaviour and sales performance empowers Drumelia to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies for achieving superior results.

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