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If You’ve Not Got a Chatbot, Why Not?


Chatbots are becoming an integral part of how successful companies communicate with customers and help turn website visitor numbers into quality leads. But let’s back up a second; what’s a chatbot? You’ve likely talked to a robot already without even knowing it. In this case we’re talking about automated chatbots that send template responses to your visitors.


Many businesses are moving away from old marketing techniques and towards inbound marketing – a concept of building strong customer relationships to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Chatbots could play a key role in your inbound marketing strategies; they have transformed the internet marketing sector by streamlining time consuming tasks and enhancing customer service.


A chatbot is a gateway to 24 hour online customer support. Not only do they understand and interpret human speech, they can also learn and develop over time, and the capability of chatbots is rapidly evolving thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). AI-enabled chatbots are already one step ahead of the customer, they anticipate their needs, help them find products and guide them through the buying process.


Although chatbots are there to engage with website visitors who may need help or have a question, they also collect vital visitor information which can be sent to CRM software – insights can then be gathered and specific marketing strategies can be targeted at individuals. Receiving a personal service will increase personal recommendations and encourage visitors to leave positive online reviews, which in turn will increase brand awareness, turn visitor numbers into leads and increase a company’s ROI. 


*Some of the information in this blog post was sourced from an article by Marketing Tech Outlook (25 July 2018) and re-written. Although some of the initial points may not be our own, we do agree that a chatbot is a highly beneficial tool for many companies, especially property marketing specialists, wishing to grow customer experience and increase sales.*

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