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Second bite at the cherry: Generate leads by targetting website visitors

Remarketing GoogleDid you know that more than nine out of ten people leave websites without taking any action?  Ever felt like you were being ‘followed’ by a company’s adverts after visiting it?

It probably was following you about, placing ads in websites you visit which have allow Google Ads. Welcome to Google Remarketing.

Via Google AdWords, Remarketing lists allows you to reach people with a text ad based on them having visited your website site.

So how does Remarketing work? We add a Remarketing code to the pages of your website which installs a cookie in a visitor’s browser. This then displays your Google ads when they are visiting other websites. The ads ‘follow’ them until they clear their cookies or you stop the campaign.

Since, in theory, someone who has been to your site and familiar with you is more likely to convert, this type of targeting can be very effective.

Remarketing can take advantage of what you already know has taken place on the website, therefore the ads are more relevant and can deliver higher CTR, conversion rates, and lower cost per conversion.

For sites which enjoy a large volume of traffic it is a very effective way of targeting potential clients and getting a second bite at the cherry.

By tailoring your creative to reach those wandering customers, you can increase brand awareness and reignite their interest in returning to your site. – Google

Remarketing enables you to intelligently invest advertising spend in campaigns which reach interested potential customers.

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