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‘Stalking’ your website visitors with Facebook and Google AdWords

....Want to stalk your website visitors? Here’s how to do it.

Let’s back-track for one second. Do the math, your website gets, say, 1,000 unique visitors a month but you generate 10 leads via the website. That’s 990 which visited your website, didn’t see something they wanted to find out more about and left to continue their surfing. Whether you paid for it directly via PPC or through SEO work to get the organic visits, or via a newsletter, one way or another, you paid for those 1000 visits.

OK stay with me, you got the 10 leads, and now we repeat the process and find another 1000 people to visit the website the following month to get another 10 leads. Want more leads? How about 20? Does that mean you need 2000 people to visit your website? Nope.

Aside from looking at the calls to action on your website to increase conversion (we’ll leave that for another day) let’s assume your website is fully optimised and tuned to catch leads.

What if you could chase the elusive 990 visitors who did not make an enquiry, to give you a second bite at the cherry instead of having to find new potential customers all over again every month? You can with Google Remarketing.

Google Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your website. Your ads can show to these customers when they visit other websites in the Google Display Network or when they search on Google using your keywords.

More and more people are becoming aware about Google Remarketing – see how it works in this infographic here. But not many are aware you can not only do the same with Facebook, but you can bring the whole stalking behaviour up a notch or three.

Firstly, why Facebook? isn’t it just for posting videos of cute cats?

True but more than 1.3 billion people use Facebook and 64% of them visit Facebook every day. So chances are your clients will have a Facebook profile.

Custom Audiences from your website

Remarketing – Much in the same way as we do with Google Adwords, we add a piece of code called a Facebook “pixel” to your website and/or landing page. Every time someone visits a site which has this pixel a cookie is installed on their browser. We can then target them with your ads.

Once the pixel is on the website we can start building different lists based on which pages they have visited eg buyers, sellers, rentals, inland, mortgages, people who have looked at a particular area, landing page – whatever sections you have in the website.

Initially we’d target all visitors but as the lists build you will have the ability to pick out certain types depending on what you want to achieve at the time, eg target people who have visited ta particular page on your website.

Custom Audiences – lists
Big fat *asterix* here – the following is assuming you have permission to do this from a data protection perspective. I’m telling you want can be done here, but you should check local regs for any implications if unsure.
You can create lists from you client mailing lists and telephone numbers. If you use some of the typical email marketing services from the likes of Constant Contact or Mailchimp you can connect the lists automatically to Facebook. If these people have Facebook profiles associated with those email addresses or telephone numbers then you can also target them with your ads.

You can also simply create a list of email addresses or phone numbers and paste into a new custom list on Facebook. Think about it, you could export you 2000 Linkedin contact email addresses or export your contact lists from outlook or Gmail, or get everyone in the office to do so and combine these. The possibilities are endless, assuming you have been given permission to do this, of course.

Both of the above are excellent ways of reinforcing your brand and driving traffic back to you for a second bite: they have been to your website or done business wit you in some for or other in the past, so it keeps your name in their minds.

When you combine Facebook Custom Audiences with Google AdWords Remarketing and Newsletters it all works together beautifully. Picture it, someone gets your newsletter and clicks through to the landing page or website, where Google’s Remarketing tag and Facebook’s pixel are added to their browser. Even if they don’t make an enquiry at that point, when they visit other websites within Google’s massive network, your AdWords ads start following them around and when they login into their facebook account they see your ads… bit stalkerish but very targetted and cost effective (and it also gives the impression you are spending an absolute fortune on marketing which keeps the competition guessing).

shocked+womanYou can point this Facebook traffic to either your landing page, website or to build your Likes of the Facebook page, if you plan on using this actively in the future.

Want this? Do you? Contact Vooodoo Internet Marketing here

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