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Game-changer Alert! Meet Google’s new ‘Lead Form Extensions’

You can now capture leads directly from a Google Ad without needing a landing page. It works very much like Facebook Lead Ads does, however, it only works on mobile devices.

After tapping a call-to-action button, users can quickly submit a form which is prepopulated with the contact information from their Google account. This works on iOS and Android devices and as the name suggests it is an ad extension. So it will appear beneath the main ad text.

As with Facebook you can extract the leads via a CSV directly from within the Google Ads account or use something like Zapier to extract them.

The following type of advertisements are not eligible for lead form extensions:

  • Adult-oriented content
  • Alcohol-related content
  • Gambling-related content
  • Healthcare and medicines
  • Political content

So for real estate it’s GOOD TO GO!

Want to know how to do it?

This explains how to do it 

Or you can watch this video from the chaps at Surfside PPC: 

Google Ads Lead Form Extensions are still in Beta so you beta hurry … drum roll please.

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