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Introducing the HubSpot Operations Hub

The HubSpot Operations Hub is designed to help companies grow, just as systems and software stacks grow too. Different employees introduce their favourite apps, managers of each department maintain their own spreadsheet, and every team develops their own independent processes.

This unlinked silo approach can lead to disconnection issues, which in turn leads to a harmful effect upon efficiency and productivity.

In an attempt to solve this and bring alignment businesses often employ a central Operations Manager, or for larger companies, one for each department. But this action is often too late to try and untangle the complicated mix of software and processes and the task is doomed to failure.

An ineffective operations strategy can lead to lost deals and revenue, time wasted on unnecessary administrative tasks and a bad experience for your customers. Collectively these aspects are the enemies of scale, hindering your business strategy for growth and success.

HubSpot believe that in order to scale better, companies need to be able to run better, with an Operations strategy that is not limited by disconnected, manual processes.

Starting a business has never been easier.
But scaling a business is harder than ever.

Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO

Align – Adopt – Adapt   A RevOps approach

HubSpot already offers each of your customer centric departments, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, a user friendly Hub which can enhance their efforts and grow your business. Each departments Hub are linked to the central CRM, giving a single point of truth that collates all customer interactions in one place.

Now, with the launch of the HubSpot Operations Hub, HubSpot have provided businesses with the ability to clean data automatically, sync external SaaS products, clean and fully automate workflows. This will allow all departments to align with each other, adopt best working practices and then adapt your HubSpot account to fully embrace a revenue operation (RevOps) approach.

With the introduction of the Operations Hub you can combine your Operations teams full toolkit into a central CRM  platform, uniting all customer data in one connected platform that all departments utilise. The RevOps approach will result in a more efficient, aligned and agile business, with all departments able to operate in an unhindered and strategic manner, offering a frictionless customer experience.

Read on to discover how this would benefit you and your business.

HubSpot Operations Hub Main Features

Data Sync

HubSpot Operations Hub

Whilst HubSpot can offer your business many benefits, you will probably still have the need to utilise other SaaS products. As your tech stack grows the harder it becomes to integrate your systems, data and processes which puts strain on your teams and creates friction for your existing and potential customers.

Data sync allows you to integrate your apps seamlessly, unifying your customer data in a central location, aligning your teams and ensuring they are more efficient as your business grows.

Unlike traditional integrations, Data sync integrations work two ways, passing information to and from any system, actions occur in real time, passing both future and historical data between systems and are customisable, so you can choose what information is shared.

Data Quality Automation

Poor or dirty data hinders your teams efforts and can ruin your customer’s experiences. Simple things like receiving a marketing email addressed to mark, instead of Mark can harm the intended message and purpose of the reach out.

Data quality automation allows you to format property values such as capitalising names, fixing date properties, updating phone numbers and much more. Once corrected, your cleaned data can then be transferred to your other apps via Data Sync, ensuring consistent high quality data for your team to work with.

Programmable Automation

HubSpot Operations Hubs enables you to execute code directly within Your HubSpot workflows. Workflows are automated processes that can be utilised by your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams, making them more efficient by minimising manual administrative tasks.

As your company scales, customer touchpoints can increase exponentially and their ever changing needs and demands have to be catered for. Ensuring a consistent customer experience across all channels can be let down by a reliance upon manual actions, so robust automation tools are essential.

With Programmable  Automation your teams can adapt their processes effectively, ensuring that your business runs smoothly as it scales.

The three main automated actions are:

  • Custom code actions in workflows.
  • Webhooks actions in workflows.
  • Custom code actions in bots.

With Programmable Automation, your HubSpot platform automation capabilities are as powerful as your imagination.

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