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What’s Google Authorship and why do I want it for my business?

Google Authorship

Have you noticed when searching on Google that your competition’s search results is displayed with little thumbnail image of someone with their name written next to it?

Want to know what it is, if it’s of any benefit, and if so, how to get it?.

Why you do want Google Authorship

This is what is called Google Authorship, something which ties directly into your Google+ profile.

If your competition haven’t done it yet because they probably haven’t figured out how to do it! They’re probably wondering how…

I recommend setting it up for your business as (a) it’s free, and (b) its relatively easy to do.

Google Authorship not only increases the visibility of your site within SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages – basically the results displayed when you search for something in Google).

This is especially true if there’s a lack of other rich snippets displayed within the SERPs.

But perhaps more importantly Google Authorship has also been shown to increase the chances of someone clicking on a website (called click-through-rate) over that of your competition.

Google Authorship also tells Google that you are the author of the content of your website, which can be relevant when others copy it for theirs. This obviously applies to blogs but can also be used on content of the main site itself.

In a world where everyone seems to copy everyone else’s content, claiming authorship is more relevant than ever.

Google Authorship can serve as a way of telling Google to ‘pick you’ over them.

“So can someone else copy my content and then set up authorship and fool Google into thinking that I am the one which is copying them and thus penalize me in the search results for ‘duplicate content’?”

There are other factors which Google should take into account, but in a nutshell, yes it is more than possible and it is happening as we speak.

So hurry, claim authorship of your content before one of your competitors does…

At the time of writing this, Google Authorship is generally not thought to directly affect/influence Google search result rankings, but many think this will change (and some say it already has).

Google Author Janet Driscoll Miller recently wrote in SearchEngineLand: “Like many things in search, the days of authorship are still like the Wild West, and many kinks and problems are clearly being worked on by Google.

One way of doing it here  or why not let Voodoo Internet Marketing take care of it for you? Contact us here.

Google Authorship


Google Authorship? Nailed it! 

Google Authorship - Nailed It!

Not us, obviously.


To find out more other advantages of Google Authorship CONTACT US HERE or complete the form below those fancy stars which you will hopefully give us a 5 rating for this stupendous piece of literary craftsmanship.



As at early January 2014 Google appears not to be displaying the authorship images in the SERPs it was showing before Christmas. We don’t know at this stage whether this permanent or not, and indeed why it is happening. Some people suspect it may be that Google will become selective as to whose pictures it displays based on the ‘quality/reputation/popularity’ of the author’s work, others say it won’t show on homepages anymore, but at the moment it is all speculation. Hold tight, we’ll update as more is known.


*** NEWS JUST IN JUNE 2013 *** 

Google announces it will officially drop the authorship photo and Google+ count from SERPs. More here





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