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Not in the first 3 pages of Google? Your customers will not find you

Google SERPS - Voodoo Internet MarketingRanking high on search engines is no longer optional, it’s critical. Studies show that the majority of people do not look past the first two or three pages of the Google results. And most of these don’t even go past the first page.
But when you type in a typical search term in the box you probably have noticed where it says it has found millions of results for that term.
For example, say you live in Spain and spot something bad someone has written about you or your company on the internet.
You ask a friend and he tells you of a service called ‘internet reputation management’. This is a relatively new service where internet marketing companies write plenty of positive content about you on blogs on social media networks with the aim of increasing your ‘web footprint’ (online presence) and hopefully pushing the negative post further back on the SERPs (search results) in the process.
So you Google ‘internet reputation management Spain’ to find such a company and you can see Google has identified 1.5 million results for this term.

Voodoo Internet Marketing

With 10 results per page typically, that means there are some 150,000 pages of results for your to look at!
Logic would dictate you would start with the first one – in this case Voodoo Internet Marketing (that’s us) – and work your way down the list.

The simple truth of the matter is that if Google can’t find you, neither can your customers.

Voodoo Internet Marketing

For expert advice on SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media Management or Reputation Management Voodoo Internet Marketing can help your customers find you online.

Voodoo Internet Marketing has a dedicated and experienced team of native English-speaking staff  who can help you. Email info@voodoointernetmarketing.com or call (+34) 952 054 430

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