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How to… download Facebook lead ads leads easily…


OK so you’re using the newish Facebook lead ads facility which, in the right circumstances is a great way of generating leads without the need of a landing page. But the snag is you don’t get a notification email, Unless you have an integrated CRM such as SalesForce, you have to manually go in and download the leads.

But what if you want to delegate this task of checking for Facebook lead ads leads to someone without giving them access to your ads account to download the leads?

You can download the Facebook lead ads leads directly from the facebook page in 3 easy steps, this is how:

When on your page…

1. Click on “Publishing tools” (top menu)
lead ads step 1
2. Click on “Lead Advert Forms”
lead ads step 2
3. Click on “Download” – here you can pick to download since latest download or by date rangelead ads step 3lead ads step 4
If you want email notifications there are many paid services such as zapier and leadsync which will do this for you.
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