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HubSpot CMS starter from only €21 per month – Goodbye WordPress!

HubSpot CMS starter available now. In case you haven’t heard, HubSpot is more than just a CRM. As well as offering Inbound Marketing, Sales, Service and Operations Software HubSpot also offers a (CMS) Content Management System. However for some time now it has been out of reach for most small businesses, today’s announcement changes all that! Perfect to build your entry level website which, as if by magic is automatically integrated into the HubSpot CRM.

Currently available on the market are a multitude of website builders both free and paid, some even offer built in optimisation tools, but none can match the power of HubSpot, the one-stop growth and scale platform that offers multiple hubs with phenomenal features.

When it comes to building a new website with HubSpot CMS starter, everyone wins. Developers can build their own themes or utilise flexible out of the box themes. Marketers can easily edit and create pages on their own, without any coding knowledge. In addition all is incorporated into the HubSpot’s CRM, customers enjoy a seamless digital experience.

HubSpot CMS Starter


The ideal CMS to easily create and personalise website pages, landing pages and blog posts. Optimised for every visitor also designed to work across all devices. As a result you can rely on web developers as much or as little as you’d like.

IT Teams

No more hosting worries for the tech team. At the very core of the CMS Starter Hub is safety, security and reliability. Backed by HubSpot’s dedicated 24/7 security monitoring and threat detection, web application firewall, Global CDN, SSL certificate and 99.99% uptime. Your IT team will be truly thankful

HubSpot CMS starter features

SEO recommendations

See how to easily improve your website and take actions with the SEO recommendations

Website themes

Choose one of HubSpot’s pre-built website themes with optional custom development.

Fully integrated CRM

Track each and every visitor to your site in one place and create personalised digital experiences.

Drag-and-drop editor

Create and edit pages without the need for a web developer’s and no coding required.

Plugins & Apps

Power up your website. Integrate and grow with access hundreds of native apps.

Blog import

Easily import your WordPress blog with one click by using the connect feature.

Build a powerful, optimised website that converts

HubSpot CMS Hub starter content management system perfect for starter websites. Resulting in a seamless user experience, designed to help you grow your business.

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