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Costa del Sol’s Voodoo Internet Marketing launches ‘Bare Bones’ low cost monthly social media and SEO plan

Vooodoo Internet MarketingA Costa del Sol internet marketing company has launched a new package aimed at proving online marketing cover for local businesses with very limited budgets.

As the name suggests, Voodoo Internet Marketing’s new ‘Bare Bones’ package fills the gap for members of the Marbella and wider Costa del Sol business community who, due to difficult trading conditions in Spain, feel they cannot afford online marketing.

This monthly plan enables them to keep a ‘bare bones’ presence online.


For a monthly fee of €195 customers receive 8 hours of work from the Voodoo Internet Marketing team, spread across the month.

Core accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus will be kept updated with scheduled content as well as any necessary Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) carried out on the main website as needed.

Additionally, Voodoo Internet Marketing incorporates an online reputation management (ORM) service as standard for all its customers regardless of whether they are in the Costa del Sol or abroad.

Various alerts are set up for the customer brand name which in case any negative content should appear on the Google search engine results pages the customer is contacted by a member of the Voodoo Internet Marketing.

Head of Voodoo Internet Marketing Alfredo Bloy-Dawson says the BareBones package serves as an invaluable alternative for customers who would otherwise carry out no online marketing.

“It was a ‘better some online marketing than none’ option,” he explains.

“It should not be mistaken for an optimal level of online marketing coverage but to serve as a temporary option. It is vital that companies who depend on the internet to generate business ensure they not only have a visible web presence, which is vital these days for establishing credibility, but that this be a positive one,” he says.

“The Voodoo Internet Marketing new Bare Bones package gives customers who could not otherwise afford professional internet marketing services a chance to hold on to their web presence or to improve the performance of the websites in the search results pages without breaking the bank,” he adds.

“Although the Bare Bones package is not designed to be a long-term solution for most companies it does increase their chances of being found on Google, and does afford them some level of online brand protection against disgruntled ex-employees or jealous competitors, for less than €200 a month.”

For some smaller companies however, the 8 hours a month is enough to keep a presence in the long term. “We say it is not designed to be a long term solution, but this is with the average sized company in mind. For some smaller traders this could prove to be more than sufficient in the longer term.”

See below for the Bare Bones FAQ

Contact Voodoo Internet Marketing to find out more

For more information about the Voodoo Internet Marketing Bare Bones or any other monthly social media contact Voodoo or email info@voodoointernetmarketing or call (+34) 951 948 401 (+34) 952 054 430 or UK Tel: (+44) 020 7193 6577.

Voodoo Internet Marketing


Bare Bones FAQ

1. Does it apply to customers outside of the Costa del Sol?

Yes, anywhere.

2. My daughter is currently updating my facebook page, do I still need professional help with my online marketing?

Probably! Email us some basic details about your business (including the website!) and we’ll take a look for you and make some suggestions.

3. How do I know if my website needs optimizing for the search engines?

Google the search terms if you’re not in the first pages of Google then you need help, more than 90% of people searching do not go past the first three pages of Google.

4. Do I need to provide you with the content for the social media work?

If you do then great, we can spend the time using thing content, but if not we source external content as required.

5. I don’t think I can afford online marketing, what do you suggest?

You cannot afford not to Remember, if Google can’t find you, neither can your customers.

6. How many months do I have to sign up for?

Just the one! You pay monthly in advance, if you don’t want to continue, you don’t pay the following month. There is no small print, and you the social medial work we do on your behalf belongs to you.

7. Do I have to use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or can I pick more appropriate platforms for my industry?

You can decide. Like all our monthly plans, Bare Bones is fully customisable.

8. How do I know if it is working?

At the beginning of each month the customer will receive an Internet Marketing Report outlining individual search term performance.

9. How do I get started?

Email Voodoo Internet Marketing info@voodoointernetmarketing.com  or call Tel: (+34) 951 948 401 / Tel: (+34) 952 054 430 / UK Tel: (+44) 020 7193 6577 and we’ll talk you through the process.

Voodoo Intenet Marketing – The Costa del Sol’s leading provider of Social Media, PPC and SEO services


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