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Yamini Rangan

An interview with HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan (Video)

Yamini Rangan joined HubSpot from Dropbox January 2020 as Chief Customer Officer of the Company. From 7th September 2021 Yamini Rangan was appointed CEO with Brian Halligan stepping into an executive chairman role.

Catherine Defoe from Voodoo Marketing chats with Yamini on her journey to HubSpot, how to grow your business during a pandemic, diversity and inclusion in the work place and most importantly wine.

When asked about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and this works for HubSpot Yamini had the following to say:

Diversity inclusion and belonging is just the fundamental fabric in which we’re building HubSpot. I think like diversity is not an initiative it is not a goal it’s not something that you got to think about one year but not in an other year and we think about it as foundational fabric that we want to build HubSpot on.

What does that actually mean? It means that when all the way through the process of hiring developing talent retaining talent promoting talent and continuing to have the talent thrive within an organization you have to think about diversity so in the last I would say two years, Diversity Inclusion Belonging has become a primary topic across all companies and certainly Catherine in the US we had it come to the forefront with the Black Lives Matter movement and as you know and a lot of companies are thinking about what is an initiative that I can do…

Some truly inciteful words which further empowers the voice for the changes we all hope to see in the near future. We also talk about how to grow your business and how even during a word wide pandemic HubSpot was able to achieve huge growth revenue in Q2 of 2021 and the “customer centricity of HubSpot”

Learning the secrets of an industry leader can be really inspiring. You can find and follow Yamini here:


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