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Three reasons why you need to start tracking your leads

Property agents and real estate companies will be familiar with lead generation and the positive impact it can have on a business. Many agents are missing the opportunity of turning a property inquiry into a sale because they are not tracking the leads in the first place.

There are many steps between getting an initial property inquiry to selling the property and handing over the keys.  Tracking leads is an essential part of real estate business and ensures that your client is not getting lost or forgotten in what can be a lengthy process.  Recording all communications with a prospective buyer, whether by email or telephone, should become second nature and all line of communications should remain open throughout the buying process.

Here are three important reasons why you should start tracking your leads today!


  • Get ahead of your competitors: Being aware of what properties are hot right now and what prospective buyers are looking for means you have a good understanding of the current market. If you have tracked your leads you will be able to match new property listings with your clients as well as looking out for properties which meet their search criteria.


  • Make it personal: Tracking leads means you will have a record of past conversations between agent and client. This information is invaluable in building a good client relationship; you can recall past discussions or changes to their search criteria to make them feel like you are offering a personalized service and are dedicated to finding them their ideal property.


  • Is it working? : When you start to track your leads you will see what channels of lead generation are best working for you and your business. With a clearer picture of what is and what is not working, you can make better lead investment decisions in the future. Tracking leads need not be a difficult process, long gone are the days of jotting it down or putting the information on a spread sheet. There are many client relationship management (CRM) systems which can organize the data for you.


Whatever your reason for lead tracking, the most important thing is to just get started says online property portal Kyero. Get your agents to start tracking new leads and nurture existing leads today. This lead information will create a better buying experience for the client and shorten the lead sale cycle for you.


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