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Target ads using email addresses via Google’s new Customer Match

Google is rolling out a new ad targeting method called Customer Match. It is a new product designed to help you reach your customers on Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail – when it matters most.

Customer Match allows you to upload a list of email addresses, which can be matched to signed-in users on Google in a secure and privacy-safe way. From there, you can build campaigns and ads specifically designed to reach your audience.

Let’s say you’re a travel brand. You can now reach people who have joined your rewards program as they plan their next trip. For example, when these rewards members search for “non-stop flights to new york” on Google.com, you can show relevant ads at the top of their search results on any device right when they’re looking to fly to New York. And when those members are watching their favorite videos on YouTube or catching up on Gmail, you can show ads that inspire them to plan their next trip.

Using Customer Match, you can also generate Similar Audiences to reach new customers on YouTube and Gmail who are likely to be interested in your products and services. For example, you can drive awareness on YouTube for new non-stop flights by showing TrueView ads to prospective customers who have similar interests and characteristics to your rewards members.

Google says “With Customer Match, your brand is right there, with the right message, at the moment your customer is most receptive. Only Google can help you do this to delight your most loyal customers in the moments that truly matter.”

Customer Match and Similar Audiences will be rolling out to all advertisers over the next few weeks, according to Google.

To be fair, it seems like Google is following the steps of Facebook’s custom audiences option to create a list based on email addresses you can upload. Where facebook the ads will only show if the email address is linked to the facebook profile, I guess in AdWords the ads will show on Gmail only.

The big, and it is potentially big, difference is that much like Remarketing, you will be able to show your ads on Google’s search results on their browser when they are actively looking for something.

This means advertisers will be able to tap into targetted page 1 ad placements without the need for massive budgets. How will this differ in effectiveness or price to the current Remarketing for Search campaigns remains to be seen.

Soon there will be nowhere to hide from Ads. Brilliant.

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