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Sales automation tools you need!

Streamline your processes and accelerate your sales Managing your sales team and trying to achieve your ever increasing sales targets can be difficult enough, but when you are attempting to do so using a collection of varied, often incompatible software applications and relying on time consuming...

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Introducing the HubSpot Operations Hub

The HubSpot Operations Hub is designed to help companies grow, just as systems and software stacks grow too. Different employees introduce their favourite apps, managers of each department maintain their own spreadsheet, and every team develops their own independent processes. This unlinked silo approach can lead...

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An Introduction to Lead Nurturing

How to use lead nurturing for smarter marketing This free ebook will help you discover What types of effective email campaigns you can createHow lead nurturing can help with your sales efforts5 steps to set up an effective lead nurturing campaignHow to optimise your lead nurturing emailsHow...

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How Can a Platform Audit Help Your Business?

New apps that can assist our daily business tasks are developed at an alarming rate and it seems that we are offered a better solution on weekly basis.Unfortunately, in a busy commercial environment with input from different individuals and departments, it is easy to accumulate...

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A Guide to Selling In Uncertain Times

Selling in Uncertain Times

2020 has witnessed a cultural change in the way all retail businesses operate and Real Estate agencies and property developers will have to learn to adapt – Quickly. This will involve utilising new systems and approaches to effectively deal with their clients. A new dawn for...

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